Why You Should Visit Downey, California

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Things to do around the town

Downey, California has turned into one of the most favored suburbs in the Los Angeles area. With over 100,000 residents and counting, the city has begun to expand to its booming population by developing countless parks, restaurants, movie theaters, and more. With lots to learn and lots to do in the area, locals love these the most:


  • Rivera Park

  • Clarke Estate


Downey is considered a “Gateway City” to Los Angeles due to its close proximity, but it has established itself as a wonderful town to live in. With tons of places to go to take in the sun, run around, and catch a movie, the town offers a diverse assortment of activities dispersed over a reasonable amount of land. Visit this link for Downey, CA facts.

Rivera Park

River Park is most popular among teenagers as it has a playground, athletic fields, and a gymnasium. The park is incredibly well cared for, adn locals love going to it because they know it’s clean, safe, and always fun. With ample places to get sunshine and more places to play, it’s truly no wonder why kids and their parents love to come to Rivera Park so often. See here for information about Get A Nice Tan in Downey, California.