What Are The Best Things to Do In Downey, CA?

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Downey is located in southeast Los Angeles County, and is located a short 13 miles from the city of LA. It’s considered one of the Gateway Cities, and it has turned into a large suburb for the city. The Apollo Space Program was started in Downey, and the town also has the world’s longest running McDonald’s. The city has tons of things to do for everyone, most notably: 


  • Independence Park

  • Bell Gardens John Anson Ford Park


As one of the best suburbs in the Los Angeles area, Downey is booming with fun activities to do that don’t include having to deal with LA traffic. It’s no wonder that so many people are flocking to the beautiful area, and independence park is just one of the fun activities here. Look here for more about Downey, CA.

Independence Park

Independence Park is known as one of the cleanest parks in the area. With beautifully kept lawns and baseball fields, the park also has large tennis courts and an impressive skate park. The town is especially popular with teenagers, as it presents them with many fun activities to do in safe places outside of the city. Click here to read about How to Get Involved in Downey, California.