Tips for Water Heater Maintenance(cont’d)

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Following the previous steps highlighted in the first article, here are the next steps to complete your routine maintenance of the water heater system… Learn more facts here.

Gather equipment to be used:

the manor equipment you’ll need are hose, bucket and screwdriver. Then, switch off the heating source. (Remember you know the type already). If it’s electric, turn off the circuit breaker, and water heater for gas. Read about  here. Read about Thawing Frozen Pipes 102 here.

Attach the hose and turn off water:

this is the water entering the heater. It needs to be turned off to enable draining of the water inside the system.

Water Drain and Pressure Valve: the next step is to turn on these two knobs to allow the total draining of the water. The water will pass through the hose at the tip of the tank. Wait for about 15-40minutes for all the water inside the heater to get drained off completely. 

Switch on the Water Source:

after the whole water on the heater is completely drained, you want to be sure all the particles are out completely. So, turn on the water source again for this purpose. As the draining is ongoing, check the water to see if it’s completely clear. After this, the tank is ready to be refilled.

Refill your tank:

close all the open knobs including the water drain. Then, refill the tank till it’s full. Voila! Your tank is ready to go on till another maintenance time. 

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