Tips for Water Heater Maintenance 

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The water heater is an equipment that is quite common in homes today. A quality heater should last between 8 to 12 years, but, it depends on the maintenance level. Just like other kitchen or home appliances, the water heater has several ways in which you can maintain and sustain life for a long period of time. Without the services of a professional, you can simply maintain your heater in simple steps with mist-have home tools like screwdriver and bucket or bowls. Here’s a guide on ways to maintain your water heater…  Learn more facts here.

Get the Installation Location for the Heater: 

the water heater can be sited anywhere in the house, however, in most cases, it’s often placed in the garage or basement of the house. Read about Tips for Water Heater Maintenance(cont’d) here.


Ascertain the type – gas or electric: 

to carry out the maintenance successfully, you have to be sure about the type. This will enable you to take necessary safety precautions when the process is on.

Search for the water drain, pressure release valve and water shut off valve: 

the location of this knobs vary on the water heater. But, the water heater and pressure release knob can be found on the top of the heater, whole the water drain is at the bottom of the heater. It may vary though.

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