The Most Fun Places in Downey, CA

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Bask in the sun

Downey, California is a beautiful town located just to the southeast of Los Angeles. With the city of LA just within your grasp, it’s tempting to venture into the big city and find some things to do. However, there are plenty of things outside of the town that’ll keep you occupied. With plenty of sunbathing opportunities at your fingertips, why not opt for Downey’s fun parks such as the following: 


  • Apollo Park

  • Treasure Island Park


Downey is the city that birthed the Apollo space program, and it is home to the oldest running McDonald’s in the world. With a population over 100,000, as LA continues its rapid expansion, more and more people move to suburbs like Downey for some peace and quiet after a long day in Los Angeles. More facts can be seen here.

Apollo Park

Apollo park is a recently remodeled playground and is a very safe environment for families. With a renowned design and a fantastic location, many families love this park. The atmosphere is pleasant and the soccer fields and baseball fields are great fun for kids and teens alike. Bask in the sun while your kids play or bring your dog here to play some fetch. Learn more about Enjoy the Outdoors in Downey, California.