Thawing Frozen Pipes 102

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While thawing frozen pipes, there are some home appliances that could help in the process. For exposed pipes, there are numerous ways to unfreeze the ice especially if placed in an easily accessible area. Here are some tools to help when thawing frozen pipes… Look here for more about Bell Gardens, CA.

Hair Dryer: 

(funny right?) Hairdryer is an equipment used for drying the hair of ladies. It emits hot heat that aids the drying process. Using an hairdryer for the thawing process is one of the easiest ways to achieving the goal. The process is simple: turn the hairdryer on and place the air vent towards the pipe. Start from the area close to the faucet and gently move down towards the frozen area slowly. However, be careful when operating the device and avoid touching the like from the pipe. Click here to read about Thawing Frozen Pipes 101.


Heater or Heat Lamp: 

 this is another way to easily thaw a frozen pipe. Make use of indirect heat from the heat lamp or portable heater facing the direction of the frozen pipe. This gradually melts the ice.


Hot Towels: 

you can also wrap hot towels around the frozen area to thaw the pipe. 

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