Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumbing Company 2

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Can I Get an estimate for the fixing?

This is another important question to ask. Getting an estimate will help you stay within your budget and compare prices with others. However, you should note the difference between estimate and fixed price. The latter focuses more on the prices of materials to be used while the former is the amount charged by the company for fixing the particular plumbing problem. Discover more about Bell Gardens, CA here.

Can I get a list of references?

Reference list is a good way of evaluating the services of the plumber. If you have never hired that particular company or plumber, then you should ask this question. Get contacts of the references and ask questions about their experience hiring the company, time taken for completion, reason why the company was hired and most importantly, if they would hire the company for a next job. The response will say a lot about the company. Discover facts about Questions to Ask a Plumbing Company.

Who cleans up after?

Plumbing jobs will require mixing of concrete, sand and other ‘dirty’ elements around the compound. Furthermore, there’ll be lots of paper wraps, cartons, etc littered everywhere. So, it’s important to know who takes care of the litters after the job. If the company will handle that, great! But, if not, you’d be prepared to clean up immediately after the work is completed. This can go a long way in avoiding quarrel and fight.

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