Sink Installation

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Project Description

This was a wall-mounted sink installation we did. Brand new stainless steel hardware providing our customer with hassle-free clean water.

The Challenge

A wall-mounted sink is especially challenging due to the location of the connecting water pipes. Getting a firm seal especially on a wall-mount is key to prevent molding.

Thank you Payless 4 Plumbing for taking care of my sink problem. My old wall-mount sink was leaking badly an I was unable to fix it on my own. The situation for us was urgent so we called Payless and they came by same day to replace the faucet in my kitchen sink.

Jackie S., Client

The Final Taste of Water

Our customer was thrilled that we were able to solve their faucet issue. The seal that was causing problems from the first faucet was repaired upon installation of the new faucet. We were more than happy to assist Jackie, as we are with all of our valued customers.

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