Hydro Jetter

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Project Description

Hydro Jetter performs drain cleaning tasks much more effectively than a normal mechanical snake. Its uses high pressure water @ 3,000 PSI and has special heads that we  use  for different types of pipes and problems. Our hydro jetter comes on a separate trailer and has a specifically trained technician to perform the service for our clients. Our typical hydro Jetter service can provide up 80% better cleaning than a normal snake can provide. We also provide warranty for the jetter service depending on the age and status of your current system as well as perform camera inspection free with the hydro jeter service. Call today and ask about a free assessment and setup an appointment.

The Challenge

A customer of ours had a very aged backyard tile floor and requested that we restore it using our hydro jet service. Although a hydro jet is extremely powerful, you have to be careful not to damage existing tile or cement.

My backyard tile had not been cleaned for over 10 years. I needed someone to help me clean it because I am older and unable to do it myself.

Payless 4 Plumbing was the company I chose to go with and I have no regrets. They did a tremendous job and I am very happy with the results.

John P. , Client

The Final Result

This was an open and shut job for us. Our customer wanted to restore their backyard to its original state and we did just that.