Plumbing Projects

Gas Line Main, Branch or New System

Some homeowners don’t know real plumbers are qualified to connect gas and can sometimes be surprised to get the notice from the gas man to call a licensed plumber. We have the ability, manpower and most of all the knowledge to get any job done no matter how big or small. We can do a new gas line from the meter to a new BBQ in the backyard or we can supply an entire commercial industrial building with a new gas line and pump more than 2 million BTU’s through it. We get the job done right and we get the job done safe repeatedly every time. Check out some of our current and past projects we have done. 

Water Heaters

Tank or Tankless? Which ever you have #TeamP4P is qualified to repair, remove and replace on moment’s notice. Our technicians are all trained annually on the new requirements and specification for water heaters of all kinds. Our staff knows the importance of hot water and families across southern California have relied on our fast, friendly & honest service to get that hot water back on again as soon as time allows. Having replaced over 5,000 water heaters over 20 years we take hot water seriously. 

Commercial Tenant Improvements

Commercial Tenant improvements or Commercial TI’s as they are known are no easy task. We have helped 100s of businesses start from the ground up including gyms, restaurants , pizzerias , insurance offices, convalescent homes, commercial grow houses, labs and multi-unit dwellings just to name a few. Our team of sub-contractors and staff has the skills required to communicate and execute to complete jobs on time and on budget. Our General B license allows us to help out not just with plumbing but everything in between. Call today and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an expert. 

Septic & Leech Pits

For over 20 years Payless 4 Plumbing has been a leader doing septic work in the inland empire and throughout San Bernardino County. Having some of the best operators in the industry we operate each piece of heavy equipment with the same responsibility and commitment to our client’s safety. Our pump trucks have pumped out over 4,000,000 gallons of waste over 20 years and our commitment to keeping the health of our communities has been the same since day 1. Our pump prices have been the most competitive in the area since 2001. Drilling a leech field takes not only a very skilled operator but also a trained eye and expert to identify the areas around a property to make for a safe and effective pit installation with 0 room for error.