How to Get Involved in Downey, California

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Meet some like-minded people

In Downey, you’ll likely run into lots of fun and inspired people. As a suburb of Los Angeles, many young professionals move here to keep their jobs in the city while being able to live in smaller, more affordable neighborhoods. This, in turn, presents many with the opportunities to meet like minded people and partake in the same activities. Some of the best things to do to meet people include: 


  • Downey Historical Society

  • Hollywood Sports


Downey, California is expanding rapidly in the face of LA’s expansion, and as a result, it is growing a fun and unique culture. Tourists have been flocking to Downey over the last couple of months for their fun activities that you just can’t find in a city the size of LA. Find more information here.

Downey Historical Society

Downey Historical Society is the ideal society to partake in if you just moved here. Downey’s rich cultural history is sure to intrigue anyone, as it is the home of the world’s longest-running Mcdonald’s. Even cooler, however, is that it is the birthplace of the Apollo space missions, the most historic space venture in our history started right here in Downey. See here for information about Hit the Trails in Downey, California.