Hit the Trails in Downey, California

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Outdoor fun in the sun

The best part about California is undoubtedly the weather. With almost year-round mild weather and soft sunshine, it’s no wonder why millions of people love to live here. If you’re here on a trip and you want to enjoy it the same way all of the other Californians do, by hiking, cycling, or running, then Downey is the place to be. If you want outdoor fun in Downey, I’d recommend going to one of the following:


  • Treasure Island Park

  • Rio Hondo


With over 100,000 residents and growing, Downey has turned into one of the preferred suburbs of Los Angeles. As LA continues its rapid expansion of population, more and more people are seeking the quiet suburbs for rest and relaxation. If you’re traveling here or you’ve just moved here, you’re going to love it, as so many other people do. Discover more about Downey, CA here.

Rio Hondo

The Rio Hondo is a tributary of the Los Angeles River, and it runs for a little more than 15 miles. Along this river you can run, hike, cycle and take in the sun in the best ways possible. If you want to get out of the crowded parks for some beautiful weather, this is the place to go. Discover facts about The Most Fun Places in Downey, CA.