Get Inspired in Downey, CA

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Museums to see

Downey is a city that’s located in the southeastern portion of Los Angeles County, and it is considered part of the Gateway Cities. The city is the birthplace of the Apollo space program and it currently boasts the longest running McDonald’s in the world. Its developments in aerospace have inspired tens of thousands of visitors, and the city can likely do the same to you. To get inspired in Downey, try visiting:


  • Downey Museum of Art

  • Lock & Key Social Drinkery


Finding yourself in a new city presents you with the opportunity to try and see new things. One of the best parts about visiting art museums is that it’ll never feel like you’ve already seen it all. Museums all over the world have many different things to offer, some with permanent collections, meaning that it’s the only place in the world to see those paintings. The Downey Museum of Art is no different. Information can be found here.

Downey Museum of Art

The Downey Museum of Art is a smaller art museum but is still brimming with inspiration. You won’t have to spend your whole day here, and you’ll be blown away by some of the original pieces of artwork they have on display year-round. See here for information about Admire History in Downey, CA.