Get A Nice Tan in Downey, California

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Take in the sun

Downey, as a suburb of Los Angeles, truly has tons of open spaces and fun parks to take the family to. If you ever need somewhere to run around, play a sport, play fetch with your dogs, or let your kids blow off some steam, this is truly the place to be. While there are countless parks in the area, the locals love these two the most:


  • Santa Fe Springs Park

  • Paramount Park


When you’re in Downey, it doesn’t feel like you’re just miles away from one of the biggest cities in the country. With a population slightly over 100,000, Downey still has the suburban feeling that many big city residents seek, and in turn, has tons of parks and places to roam and explore. Whether you’re by yourself or with children, the city’s many parks will please everyone. See further information here.

Santa Fe Springs Park

Santa Fe Springs Park is a public park with sports fields and picnic tables. With lots to do here, such as bike riding, swimming, and more, you’ll never really exhaust the opportunities. Kids and teenagers especially love the assortment of fun times at the park. Discover facts about Get Your Heart Pumping in Downey, CA.