Enjoy the Outdoors in Downey, California

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Downey, California is a Gateway City to Los Angeles, meaning that it’s essentially a suburb, and it’s a short drive from the city. Located southeast of Los Angeles, there’s plenty to do here that you may not be able to experience in the city itself, such as a nice time at the park without being surrounded by tons of people. One of the benefits of this suburb is getting to enjoy the outdoors, and some of the best outdoor locations in Downey are:


  • Rio San Gabriel Park

  • Apollo Park


Downey is the birthplace of the Apollo space program, and it’s home to the world’s longest running McDonald’s. With a population exceeding 100,000 people, it has been growing exponentially for years as the city of LA continues its expansion. Information concerning Downey, CA can be discovered here. 

Rio San Gabriel Park

Rio San Gabriel park has lots to do for everyone. With water fountains for both man and animal, cleanup bags, play places, baseball fields, and a dedicated dog park, there’s no reason not to enjoy an afternoon here. There’s also tons of parking, so even on those more crowded saturday afternoons, you shouldn’t be pressed for finding a place to leave you car. Information about Outdoor Activities in Downey, California can be found here.