Downey, CA’s Best Candy Store

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Satisfy your sweet tooth

The best part of vacation is that you get to splurge and enjoy things you otherwise might not bother with, most notably: candy. Whether it be from gas stations or grocery stores, candy appeals to everyone. If you’re on a road trip and stopping in Downey, California and looking to satisfy one of the best parts of your road trip, look no further than the town’s many offerings. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, try:


  • Kandy Kays of California


Downey is a town of a little more than 100,000 and it’s located in Los Angeles County, just southeast of Los Angeles, and it’s one of the town’s gateway cities. The city itself is the birthplace of the Apollo space program, and it operates the world’s longest-running McDonald’s restaurant. Further facts about Downey, CA can be found here.

Kandy Kays of California

Kandy Kays of California is a factory candy outlet that is open Monday-Saturday. While the outlet’s primary appeal is likely children and younger people, it is a great opportunity for visitors and travelers to indulge in some wonderful candy that you can’t just find anywhere. While gas stations sell limited supplies, grocery stores typically just sell the same candy as gas stations but in bulk. At Kandy Kays, you can get candy you may have never even heard of. Information about How to Kill Time in Downey, California can be found here.