Admire History in Downey, CA

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Things to do around the town

Having some free time to spend in a new city can present you with a variety of options, depending on the interests of your party. In Downey, CA, tons of tourists every year are tasked with figuring out what they should do to spend their time, and they usually settle on a few cornerstone museums in the town, including:


  • Downey History Center

  • Downey Museum of Art


With a population of around 110,000, Downey, CA is considered to be part of the Gateway Cities. Situated in the southeast portion of Los Angeles County, Downey is also the city that birthed the Apollo Space program, and it’s home to the oldest operating McDonald’s restaurant in the world. Learn information about Downey, CA.

Downey History Center

If you’re one of those travelers that enjoys learning all about the places you travel to, look no further than the Downey History Center. The Downey History Center isn’t like some history centers or museums that can take a few days to get through, as this is a smaller, older California tourist hot spot where you’re sure to learn a lot in a short amount of time, and history buffs love it. Discover facts about Things To Do in Downey, CA.