About Us

The Plumbing has been in business since 1978


About Payless For Plumbing

We are a group of highly trained plumbing and sewer specialists who live and work in your area. Payless For Plumbing has been the trusted residential plumber by your neighbors for over 25 years. We not only work in your neighborhood we also live here too.

In addition to general plumbing work, we also specialize in commercial plumbing and plumbing repair. We also are highly experienced with using the TRENCHLESS METHOD of sewer replacement. When dealing with city regulations, building codes and all the other “red tape” surrounding a sewer replacement or repair it is necessary for the plumbing and sewer company to attain permits and approvals from the local government (in most cases). Many companies may not bother to accomplish these tasks. Beware of sewer replacement deals that sound too good to be true. When we replace or repair a sewer you can have the confidence knowing that any paperwork, permits, and city requirements have been taken care of by our competent staff. We are familiar with local ordinances and the proper avenues to make sure you have the correct documentation. We also handle all aspects of your plumbing or underground sewer problem from start to finish.

At Payless For Plumbing, we believe that our customers have the right to make educated decisions about their homes. We do not use high-pressure sales or scare tactics. We prefer to tell our customers what the problem may be, and what steps we can take to solve the problem. You will not hear a Payless For Plumbing representative offer to perform unnecessary plumbing repair work. If you want to know what is really going on with your plumbing or your sewer call us today.