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5 Factors to Consider Before Toilet Installation

Toilet installation is highly important if you currently don’t have one in your home or your current unit has seen better days. Let’s face it: you can’t really live in your home without a working toilet. It is an essential appliance you use several times a day and life in your home would be greatly interrupted without it. Also, if your current toilet is leaking, you may find yourself paying heavily for water damage restoration service. You need to seek a toilet replacement immediately before your toilet proves your most common source of headaches and money loss. However, even if it may be the most important plumbing fixture in your home, you still need to take toilet installation into careful consideration before you throw any money down. Some homeowners find themselves purchasing the wrong toilet, leaving them paying more on utility bills and make more service calls than expected. The average cost of a toilet is around $384, meaning you may be wasting hundreds of dollars on a unit that can’t even meet the needs of your home. That’s not even factoring in how much money you will waste on frequent calls for toilet repair and maintenance. If none of this sounds appealing to you, and it shouldn’t, it’s time to call up a professional who can lead you down the right path.

How Can Payless 4 Plumbing Help You?

Fortunately, you can find that professional at Payless 4 Plumbing. We have a team of dedicated plumbing contractors who know what it takes to find the toilet just right for your home. Our installation services are also quick and efficient, meaning you won’t have to wait long in getting highly-efficient plumbing fixtures. With our help, you can experience greater efficiency that will see you save so much money on plumbing bills. Since we can also ensure your new toilet will also be properly sized, you will even notice both greater performance and space-saving in your bathroom. Most importantly, your family will be able to experience better convenience around the house, especially with a toilet that can meet everyone’s needs. When their needs are met, you can expect a better peace of mind for years ahead.

What to Consider Before Toilet Installation

Before you make a purchase, we recommend you take the following 5 factors into serious consideration:

  1. Bowl Shape: When it comes to toilet bowl shape, you usually have the choice between two: round or oval-shaped. While oval-shaped is preferred by many homeowners due to its ability to offer more sitting space, you will need to think of how it will take up more space in your bathroom and what should do to accommodate for those extra inches.
  2. Physical Space: Even if you did want the latest, most efficient toilet on the market, would you be able to fit it into your bathroom? Building codes require 15 inches from center to wall and 2 feet in front. Though this distance may be fine if you have limited space in your bathroom, having at least 30 inches in front will ensure you at least get to use it comfortably. Having a toilet in your bathroom at all is all well and good, but you need to give yourself elbow room as well.
  3. Seat Height: The height of your average standard toilet is around 14.5 inches, although it will vary depending on if it’s handicap-rated or accommodates taller people. When choosing seat height, your comfort, and the comfort of your family should always come first. There needs to be enough space for you to bend your knees when you sit on it, or else it may be quite uncomfortable otherwise.
  4. Cost on Utility Bills: Water bills are an ordinary part of life as a homeowner, but you certainly don’t want a toilet that will prove the sole reason as to why costs are so high. A toilet already amounts to 25 to 30 gallons of your water usage, so buying the wrong may prove a costly mistake. When considering a new toilet, you may want to downgrade in size. For example, if you were to reduce down to a newer 1.28-gallon tank, your average water consumption could drop to about 2,300 gallons. Your water bill may drop by 10,000 gallons as a result.
  5. Flushing Efficiency: You will have to choose between two different types of flushing: gravity-fed and pressure toilets. Toilets with gravity-fed flushes can generate 10 PSI and come at a lower upfront installation cost. However, they are not as effective in pushing waste, meaning you have a much higher risk of encountered a clogged toilet. Pressure units operate noisier and can generate up to 25 PSI of water pressure. Though they use less water compared to gravity-fed units, they have a higher installation cost.

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