4 Helpful Maintenance Tips for Shower Drain Plumbing in San Bernardino, CA


When it comes to taking care of your plumbing, preventative maintenance is always preferable to making repairs or replacements when things really go wrong. That’s especially true for your shower — a crucial part of your home that keeps you clean and comfortable. We’ve probably all had the experience where a nasty clog keeps water from going down the drain, causing dirty water to flood the tub and creating an unintentional bath (albeit one of filth that you’d rather not be stepping in). With a little elbow grease, you can perform the preventative maintenance that will keep your shower drain clear and ready to take on whatever you throw at it, month after month. Here are 4 helpful tips for shower drain plumbing in San Bernardino, CA:

  1. Buy a “hair-catcher” and put it over your drain.

Hair-catchers can be bought at your local store and prevent hair and other bodily residue from making it to your drain. You’ll need to clean it off every once in awhile, which isn’t a fun process, but it is better than dealing with a clog!

  1. Every month, send a gallon of boiling water down the drain.

Filling a gallon container with boiling water and pouring it down your drain might not sound effective, but it can loosen any gunk that’s hiding in the pipes. Continue to flush with warm water for about 5 minutes afterward to ensure it’s all gone.

  1. Scrub the tub and walls every now and then.

It really is as simple as just keeping things clean sometimes; by washing the tub and walls of your shower, you’ll ensure that the grime that builds up on them doesn’t make its way to the drain — and it’ll be a lot more clean, too.

  1. Manually clean out the drain regularly with a brush.

Purchase a drain cleaning brush and “get in there” with it to dislodge anything that might start to form a clog. Like the hair-catcher, this can be a bit of an unpleasant process, but it also beats the alternative.

Preventative maintenance can be a bit cumbersome, but it’s worth it in the end. You purchased a home for comfort and convenience, so take good care of the fixtures that help provide those assets. And if something goes seriously wrong, call Payless 4 Plumbing to get help with shower drain cleaning in San Bernardino, CA.

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