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Our Plumbing Contractor Reveals How You Can Avoid Toilet Clogs

A plumbing contractor should be your first point of contact this season if your toilet is giving you trouble. Just the mere mention of a toilet clog or overflow may send a shiver up the spine of your average homeowner, and who could blame them? Toilet clogs aren’t anything you want to experience. It can lead to a slew of problems, even some ones you may not have expected. You may encounter the following problems including: repair or replacement costs to flooring, drain and sewer repair, higher water bills, etc.  Not to mention, a toilet overflow is downright unsanitary, especially when it leaks with water and who knows what else. You may even need to spend money on toilet replacement, which can cost between $200 and $400 for a new standard model. According to data published by the United States Census Bureau, the numbers of new homes with three or more bathrooms each now outnumber new homes built with one to one and one-half bathrooms by a ratio of nearly ten to one. If this applies to your home, you may even experience the hassle of dealing with multiple clogs at once, which may turn out to be your worst plumbing nightmare. Make a plan to call that contractor immediately before your toilet, and your entire plumbing system, become riddled with clogs.

Why Should You Call Payless 4 Plumbing?

Fortunately, you can find that plumbing contractor at Payless 4 Plumbing. In fact, we have an entire team of licensed plumbers ready to help you, especially when it comes to your toilet. We understand that the toilet is the home’s most essential plumbing fixture. If it clogs, leaks, or overflows, we will be able to provide assistance as soon as possible to ensure any problems are fixed immediately. There really isn’t any problem that goes unnoticed under our watchful eye. Even better, once we provide you with service, you will walk away with a greater understanding on the inner workings of your toilet. You will know what causes clogs, which helps you take preventative measures to avoid them in the future. You will enjoy greater long-term savings on bills, and be able to extend the lifespan of your toilet so it continues to work for years.

5 Tips for Avoiding Toilet Clogs

Costs of plumbing repair can build up quickly, and you need to take the right steps in avoiding problems altogether. But how? Well, you may want to take a look at the following tips:

  1. Educate Family Members: Many toilet clogs occur when objects go down the toilet that definitely do not belong there, usually due to small children who may try to flush their favorite toy. To prevent any further disaster with your toilet, teach your family what shouldn’t go down the drain. You should inform your family these objects should stay far away from your toilet: paper products like cleaning wipes and cotton balls, household waste products like cooking oil, and other materials like clothing.
  2. Provide an Alternate Garbage Disposal: To prevent inappropriate objects and materials from being placed into the toilet, you should provide an alternate disposal option for family members and guests who use your bathroom. By placing a small trash can in your bathroom, you will be able to prevent any future clogs as bathroom occupants will have an alternate method of disposal.
  3. Flush Twice, When Necessary: You should always flush twice if the waste does not go down the toilet after the first flushing attempt. However, if you need to flush more than once on a regular basis, it may just be a direct result of a serious problem with the toilet itself requiring professional attention. Not to mention, multiple flushes can waste gallons of water.
  4. Learn to Plunge: Since flushing repeatedly will waste water, you should instead use a plunger to bail you out of any clog. But how can you use it properly? If in doubt, please follow these steps: Insert the plunger into the toilet making sure there is enough water in the bowl to gain suction, place the plunger over the drainage hole, plunge vigorously until the water levels go down. The decreasing water levels will let you know the clog has been removed.
  5. Always Know When to Call a Professional: If there is a toilet problem you don’t you can handle, always leave it up to a professional at Payless. You don’t want to risk bringing damage to the toilet. Our team offers a plumbing inspection that will carefully inspect your home for any issues, especially toilets. We can give it a close look and then make a quick fix to any problem we encounter.

Prevent Toilet Problems In Your Home – Schedule A Tune-Up Service With A Plumbing Contractor From Payless 4 Plumbing Today

Contact Payless 4 Plumbing if you want to ensure you save long-term money on bills thanks to a toilet service from our plumbing contractor!

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