3 Reasons Why You Have a Broken Sewer Line in San Bernardino, CA

A broken sewer line in San Bernardino, CA is a fairly common plumbing problem, but homeowners usually aren’t aware of it until their plumbing system begins acting up. This is mainly due to the fact that a sewer line is often taken for granted, especially since it’s usually located underground where it’s not immediately visible. It isn’t really until it experiences problems at all that homeowner begin to pay attention to it, leaving them with faulty plumbing fixtures and higher costs on utility bills.

Fortunately, Payless 4 Plumbing is here to fix broken sewer lines in San Bernardino, CA immediately. We don’t want to see sewer line problems prevent your plumbing system from working at its best, which is why we work quickly in getting them fixed. We can offer quick detection service that will identify the root of the problem so we can take the right steps in making effective repair that will settle all of your plumbing problems effectively.

So, What Does Cause a Broken Sewer Line in San Bernardino, CA?

We believe the key to maintaining a sewer line is knowing what can cause them to break apart in the first place so you can take action in avoiding problems in the future. You may find your sewer line is broken because:

  1. You Have Older Pipes: If you still have sewer pipes made of cast-iron or clay, they’re much more likely to break apart as this material is now considered outdated and unable to meet modern plumbing demands. You may need to seek replacement to ensure you have modern, durable pipes ready to handle anything.
  2. Your Pipes Are Corroded: Corrosion in your pipes is a natural occurrence, especially due to long-term water exposure. While your sewer line will continue to work despite this, the corrosion can grow so severe that will begin to impact its performance for the worst. If you don’t seek repair or replacement soon, your sewer line will begin to crumble.
  3. You Have Tree Roots: Are there a lot of trees planted on your landscape? If so, you run a higher risk of tree roots entering your sewer line, causing clogs and eventual breakage. The difficulty with tree root intrusion is that you can’t see it, and will instead require further inspection from a professional who can determine a path to eliminate them.

Contact Payless 4 Plumbing today for high-quality plumbing service that will repair your broken sewer line in San Bernardino, CA.

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